Sacred Geometry Tattoos: 10 Ideas & Their Meanings

Sacred geometry tattoos are badass. Have you ever seen someone with one of those immense and very detailed geometric designs? It was most likely a sacred geometry tattoo.

These tattoos aren’t just a sick look. They represent a grand universal theory. Sacred geometry is believed to be the rules of the universe. It encompasses everything. Basically, everything is bound and connected by sacred geometry.

Okay, stepping back from the headlines of it — sacred geometry makes for some cool tattoo ideas and definitely an artistic challenge. It could be meditative as well.

So what is sacred geometry, and what does it look like? Read on.

What Is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry refers to the natural geometric patterns found in nature. These patterns are recurring in nature and signify the interconnectedness of the world. Sacred geometry is spiritual and the container of the universe's creation and destruction.

It’s like a rule book. Proportion and harmony govern the laws of the universe. Sacred geometry explains the principles of the universe. One of the easiest-to-understand examples is the Fibonacci Spiral or Golden Ratio.

If you’ve ever studied art, you may have come across the Fibonacci Spiral or the Golden Ratio. Think of a snail’s shell. Think of the flowers of a bloomed rose. Think of the way your ear is shaped. Think of a spiraling cosmo.

All of these fit the proportions of the Fibonacci Spiral. Sacred Geometry is the belief that everything is interconnected and governed by certain harmonic and proportional universal laws.

1. Basic Shapes

Most Sacred Geometry designs are combinations or patterns of these basic shapes. They are the building blocks of the universe. These are the most basic shapes that need to be perfected to create any other Sacred Geometry.

If you’re getting a tattoo, make sure your artist has these down pat because they’ll be using a bunch of them in your larger piece. Or maybe you like the idea of just getting the basics!

  • Triangle. Triangles symbolize balance, harmony, completion, and, when pointing upwards, higher consciousness.

  • Circle. Circles symbolize cycles, one-ness, wholeness, completion, and perfection

  • Square. Squares symbolize dependability, solidity, and stability.

  • Spiral. Spirals connect the physical self to the higher self. It’s the interconnectedness of things we can see and cannot see.

2. Vesica Piscis

The vesica piscis is formed by two overlapping, identical circles. If you know what a Venn Diagram looks like, then you have a good idea of what this design looks like.

The vesica piscis is a union, a merging. It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that which binds to create a new thing. It is also the basis of the Seed of Life.

It’s the combination that creates consciousness. The circle formed between the two circles is the actual vesica piscis.

3. Seed of Life

The seed of life is made up of six overlapping circles, and a seventh circle is made by connecting the overlapping points of the circles and contains the seed of life. It is said to be the blueprint of creation and symbolic of spiritual awakening. It is also used for protection.

4. Egg of Life

The egg of life is a structure of one circle surrounded by six other circles. If you take one seed of life and replicate it six times, surrounding that first one in the formation of the egg of life, you are on your way to creating the flower of life.

The egg of life births the flower of life. It is representative of development and organization.

5. Flower of Life

The flower of life is created by surrounding a seed of life with more seeds of life or circles, depending on how you look at it. The flower of life holds the seed of life, the tree of life, and the egg of life.

It’s a sacred symbol that also holds the blueprints of life. These patterns are found all over nature.

6. Fruit of Life

The fruit of life is a 13-sphere, multidimensional pattern. Its structure is hidden within the Flower of Life. It holds all possible geometric structures. The spheres represent creative femininity, while the 78 lines that create structure represent creative masculinity.

Within this structure is another structure called the Metatron’s Cube, which is representative of the void and central to the process of all creation. The seven circles making up the inner design are the sun and suspend the other six circles, which are the seeds of life.

7. Tree of Life

The tree of life is found within the flower of life. Ten circles and 22 lines create the tree of life. It’s representative of the hierarchy of universal forces, a map of creation, and is considered a roadmap of the soul.

Each circle is a spiritual center. The top point of the tree of life is a circle that represents cosmic consciousness. This is balanced by the bottom point circle representative of the material world.

The three parallel pillars each have their own meaning: severity, mildness, and mercy. These are all qualities of the soul.

8. Grid of Life

If the flower of life is female then the grid of life is the masculine counterpart. It’s an expansion of the flower of life but created with 64 tetrahedrons overlaid. It represents where space and time intersect.

It also holds many inward-facing trees of life and this is symbolic of a life path and star family connection. It aligns your focus towards your goals and purpose. It harmonizes you with those you need to connect with.

9. The Torus

A torus looks like a vortex. Think of a sunflower. The way the seeds align in these crisscrossing, curving spirals is a vortex. A torus is actually a 3D shape. You can think of a sea urchin.

The top or bottom would be if you were looking into the vortex. The shell is how the energy transmutes. Energy leaves, gains energy, and then starts returning to the center.

It’s cyclical and balanced. It shows a healthy flow of energy.

10. Merkaba Star

The Merkaba star is made from two triangles, one pointing up and the other pointing down. The six points of the symbol interlock to create a perfectly equal star. It’s also known as the Star of David.

It represents body, spirit, and light. It's 3-dimensional and is a protective emblem. It can contain your power and bring you to higher consciousness. It’s harmonious in its balance, collecting all sides of light, body, and spirit.

How Do I Pick a Tattoo Artist?

Guys, if you are getting a sacred geometry tattoo, it should go without saying that you need someone spectacular at symmetry and clean lines — someone who gets the geometrics at least. Try drawing a circle freehand. It’s not easy.

You need an artist who has a steady hand and understands how sacred geometry works. It’s easy to get lost in the patterns or have things not quite line up. Don’t let anyone create permanent unsacred geometry on you!

And beyond having a steady hand, you should probably look for someone who loves sacred geometry or has a healthy appreciation for it. An understanding or obsession will definitely inform their ability to do awesome sacred geometry work.

The better your tattoo artist understands the elements and theory behind sacred geometry, the better your tattoo will be.


The other thing you need to take care of is your tattoo healing. With all those perfect curves and lines intersecting, your aftercare needs to be on point.

That means using a great healing tattoo balm and resisting all urges to pick and itch. Leave those scabs alone, and for the love of sacred geometry, do not itch!

If you’re fighting severe itchies, you can load up with a numbing cream to take your mind off it. Numbing cream works for more than just your tattoo session.

In Summary

Sacred Geometry is a mathematical way to understand the universe and all that has been created. It is the divine force that holds everything together and balances life.

It’s kind of a big heady concept to wrap your mind around, but these sacred geometric forms can help you do just that.

The list of sacred geometry does not end there, and we’ve seen really cool renditions and mash-ups of multiple intertwining patterns. You have a load of options to get some smaller starter tattoos or filler tattoos or go heavy with a full chest, back, and arm piece.

An artist who understands what sacred geometry is and has the steadiest hand for it will be the key to unleashing the universe on your body.

That and some very happy healing full of your favorite Mad Rabbit goos.


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