Breast Cancer Tattoo Ideas That Inspire: Ribbons, Butterflies, & More

Breast cancer is associated with various symbols, each having unique connections to the person involved. Everyone finds inspiration and hope in different objects, so getting a tattoo for breast cancer can truly mean a lot of things.

Some symbols are socially tied to breast cancer, such as the pink ribbon, but that’s not the only design out there. When coming up with a design for a breast cancer tattoo, consider why you are getting the tattoo and what holds specific meaning to you. This will help you decide what you want and where to put it.

If you plan on getting a tattoo, take your time to find an artist you like and trust. They can create personal and touching designs to make your decision a bit easier.

Why Might Someone Get a Breast Cancer Tattoo?

Someone might want a breast cancer tattoo for a variety of different reasons. Whether you are the person with breast cancer or someone you love has it, it’s a way to show your support for the cause as a whole. If you are getting one, you likely have a deep connection with breast cancer in one way or another.

Getting a tattoo can show how you’ve overcome cancer and fought against it, it could be in support of someone you love who has fought it, or it can memorialize a person who lost their battle.

Whatever the reason is, finding the design that fits you best is a great way to show how much it means to you.

Breast Cancer Tattoo Ideas

Many symbols can connect to breast cancer, but finding the one that fits you best is essential. This list is not exhaustive, but maybe it will spark some inspiration!


Ribbons are one of the most notorious symbols of breast cancer, specifically the pink ribbon. If you or a loved one are a survivor or has lost their battle, this symbol signifies their resilience and your love for them.

You can customize this tattoo so that it’s unique for you. You might add words such as “Hope” or “Strength” into the design or incorporate names or dates of loved ones afflicted. You can also add other symbols like flowers or butterflies with which you connect.


Butterflies are often a symbol associated with breast cancer. Families sometimes view butterflies as signs from their loved ones that have passed. You might see a certain kind of butterfly frequently and want to get that specific one tattooed onto you.

You can customize your butterfly tattoo to be any butterfly species with any other design incorporated. Placement for butterflies is so diverse that their size and style might vary. From traditional style to fine-line, tattoo artists know how common these pretty and meaningful tattoos can be.


Birds symbolize freedom and strength, representing breast cancer survivors and their willingness to persevere. Similarly to butterflies, you might hold specific bird species closer to your heart if there is a connection to a loved one.

Some say red cardinals are their good luck charm, and others may view the rare visit from a hummingbird as a sign from beyond the veil.

Birds can come in many styles, so you can find an artist whose style matches your vision. If you are looking for someone minimal, just a plain outline or claw prints might do.


Flowers symbolize many things and can be a great base for breast cancer tattoos. You can easily incorporate flowers into different designs, including names and dates.

Whether a specific flower represents a loved one or a bouquet symbolizes the immense beauty and strength you possess, they make for beautiful and unique tattoos.

You can work with an artist to create a special and specific design and make changes if needed. Whether you want a few flowers, an outline, or something more abstract, the meaning behind it will be just as strong.

Spiritual Symbols

Religious and spiritual symbols, such as a cross, chakras, a rosary, or angel wings, can also represent a person’s struggle with breast cancer. Even if you aren’t religious, you might find that during a period of struggle, like when dealing with breast cancer, you look for signs to bring out hope in you.

You might associate your breast cancer struggles with a beautiful large tree with deep roots, so you want to get that vision tattooed onto you. No one will judge you for how you got through your time with breast cancer.

Memorial Designs

For those that have passed, you might be considering getting a memorial tattoo done for them. This might incorporate a variety of different design elements to come up with the perfect fit.

To truly encapsulate the person you lost, you will want to include things that remind you of them and bring you peace when you think about them.

Working with an artist to bring your work to life can be scary, but this piece will finally come together once you find the right one. Then you can have that person with you for the rest of your life.

Help Heal Your Tattoo With Mad Rabbit

Aftercare for a tattoo dedicated to someone else (or for yourself) is extremely important. You want the tattoo to look as good as possible for as long as possible.

Using tattoo lotion and keeping it clean with antibacterial soap will help you through the healing process. With Mad Rabbit’s products, you can have your tattoo looking bright and bold for longer than the average person.

This tattoo means something to you, and protecting it is essential. Whether with sunscreen or just by covering it up and staying out of swimming pools, your tattoo will heal properly. For years to come, you’ll have a bold tattoo that showcases a piece of your journey and struggles.


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