Pinup Tattoos: 10 Timeless Designs

In Western culture, traditional tattooing is all about keeping the classics alive. The crawling panther, unbreakable anchor, and romantic roses are all par for the course, but the set isn’t complete without dazzling pinup girls as the centerpiece.

Pinups have been around for decades, originating from wartime imagery to keep morale high among troops overseas. Whether photographed or drawn, these women featured hourglass figures, revealing outfits, and suggestive poses to spark the imagination.

It wasn’t long before pinup designs made their way to flash sheets in tattoo parlors across the United States and beyond. These motifs have persisted and evolved along with cultural trends and tastes, but familiar favorites are still in the mix!

Let’s talk about ten timeless pinup designs that continue to inspire and entice tattoo lovers worldwide.

1. Varga Girls

It all started with Varga Girl, the creation of Peruvian-born artist Alberto Vargas during the height of the Second World War. Evolved from the more conservative Gibson Girl, these pinups made their way into calendars, advertisements, and onto the fuselages of planes and warships overseas. Her beauty may have given troops a logistic advantage in the trenches!

In many ways, the Varga was the template from which other pinup designs were generated. She established a set of aesthetic proportions, color palettes, and other features pleasing to the eye.

We see glimpses of the original Varga Girl in modern flash sheets and tattoos everywhere. Keep your eye out for her legacy as it lives on throughout the world of tattooing and culture at large.

2. Playboy Bunnies

The cultural significance of Playboy Magazine can’t be understated, both in America and abroad. The word “pinup” is almost synonymous with the Playboy ethos, as the magazine brought the aesthetic ideal to life with photos, articles, and advertisements.

When Marilyn Monroe appeared in the first issue of Playboy, the Vargas Girl was made real for many American men, ushering in a new era of beauty and entertainment. While many Playboy bunnies have emerged through the years, the old-school image of the woman in the one-piece lives on.

You can still see vintage Playboy bunny pinup tattoos in parlors around the world, capturing a definitive moment in history.

3. Betty Boop

Everyone’s favorite Jazz Age flapper has stood the test of time and is coming up on her 100th birthday! Betty Boop is widely considered the first American sex symbol, known for her curls, big eyes, and awkward yet endearing antics.

Though she started in comic strips and TV cartoons, Betty soon made her way to all corners of the pop culture landscape. She made a resurgence in the 1980s and has stayed in the hearts and minds of Americans to this day.

As a tattoo, she is the perfect fit among colorful traditional ink with bold lines and compelling colors. Just like the Kewpie and other Americana icons, Betty Boop has earned her place in the tattoo hall of fame as a pinup favorite.

4. Hula Girls

From World War II through the conflicts in Vietnam and Korea, American soldiers have been put to the test in the Pacific Theater. The violence and desolation create a sharp contrast to the natural beauty of this part of the world, and the Hula Girl brings this all together in visual form.

During wartime, soldiers would take leave in Hawaii and other Pacific islands, enjoying some brief moments in paradise. The Hula Girl pinup showcases this hospitality with signature grass skirts, flower necklaces, and flowing hair.

These pinups also captured the gentle swaying motion of the Hula dance, which secures this tattoo in the hall of greatest hits.

5. Geishas

The age of the traditional Geisha has mostly passed, but these beautiful Japanese hostess girls still live on in various forms of art and tattooing. Geishas are different from the typical Varga motif, as they wear long robes and show less skin while guarding their faces with fans.

However, these images are still loaded with plenty of eye-catching colors and show off an artist’s expertise. The Geisha motif shows that icons from other cultures can be incorporated into any tattoo sleeve, creating something totally new and original!

The intrigue and mystery of the Geisha pinup will live on forever, offering a fun alternative to the standard American pinup look.

6. Cowgirls

Nothing captures the spirit of old-school America like a cowgirl pinup tattoo. This is a departure from the Varga standard, with lasso loops, chaps, and other features that convey an independent spirit. Some cowgirls even carry a pistol to show they won’t be messed with!

Nevertheless, the cowgirl design still holds true to the pinup girl format, with short shorts, blonde hair, and plenty of curves. Some cowgirls are pictured atop a bucking bronco, while others are tipping their caps to greet cowboys at the saloon.

There’s so much variety here, so explore some old-school flash and find your own “sweetheart of the rodeo.”

7. Navy Girls

Soldiers stuck at sea look for any reminder of home, and the beaming smile of a sailor girl pinup can work wonders for morale. We credit tattoo legend Sailor Jerry with the original Navy Girl motif, inspired by Vargas and others from that era.

These designs pulled at the imagination and inspired a generation during wartime, both abroad and at home. Men were motivated to push forward in battle, while women maintained a brave and industrious mentality on the homefront.

The soft features of the Navy Girl contrasted with her tough attitude and sailor outfit make for a timeless pinup piece that continues to inspire.

8. Man’s Ruin

While many pinup girl designs were created to boost morale on the front lines of the war effort, artwork like Man’s Ruin reminds us that certain vices are universal. This design typically features some form of alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and a woman in the center of it all. It’s the ultimate temptation and, indeed, the ruin of many men past and present.

Some of the most famous Man’s Ruin designs feature a woman cradled in a large martini glass, surrounded by smoke, dice, weapons, and other dangers. It’s a reminder to enjoy the finer things in life without leaning too far into the dark side.

9. Mermaids

Pinup girls are not always meant to be realistic, as demonstrated by unnatural proportions and ageless faces. The mermaid pinup is an indulgence in mythology and a reminder that beauty can be appreciated both real and imagined.

Mermaids have long been part of the literary and artistic fabric of the West, appearing in fairytales, cartoons, and legends. It makes sense that tattoos of these beautiful hybrid women would be captured on flash sheets through the decades.

The best part of a mermaid tattoo is that anything goes! Come up with a fresh idea, or let your trusted tattoo artist create something brand new.

10. Peacock Girls

The peacock motif is popular throughout traditional tattooing since this colorful bird speaks to the flashy, bold nature of the art form at large. With the peacock girl pinup design, we see a mix of old-school flair with avant-garde creativity, combining feathers with other astounding features.

You may not see many peacock girl pinups nowadays, but this design may make a comeback as the old-school artistry is revived for the 21st century.

What Is Your Dream Pinup Girl Tattoo?

Every pinup girl tattoo has a different story, taking a chapter from culture and history and combining it with personal tastes. The timeless designs discussed here will live on forever, so you can’t go wrong with any pick!

Make sure you choose wisely, consult your artist, and care for your tattoo using the proper products and methods. That’s how you capture the essence of classic tattooing and keep the pinup girl legend alive.


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