Meet the Founders (Part 1) - Passion to Product

There are ideas and there are great ideas. The difference is subtle, yet distinct. A great idea is driven by passion and backed by the desire to do better, be better, and make the world a better place.

Mad Rabbit as a whole, is just that. A company created by passionate people - those that want to help define the tattoo space and create unity among a community that is wildly connected and full of creative dreamers who come from all different backgrounds. Mad Rabbit tattoo balm uses clean ingredients. The no bullsh*t type. The type that serves its purpose and has no additives or fake substitutes. Mad Rabbit serves a community in which expectations are high, because those with a tattoo know, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Tattoo art is electric. Tattoos tell stories and the people telling them deserve the best products possible.

In late 2018, product testing began. The two founders and best friends, Oliver and Selom, saw a need like no other. A product that was clean, rejuvenating, and that worked. Late nights and early mornings, ingredients were tested, re-tested, tried and re-tried. They weren’t going to stop until they found the exact ingredient list and combination that they wanted to use on their own tattoos.

With luck and many family and friends willing to be a part of the testing process, they found their perfect mix. A tattoo balm that as many of you know, does wonders for rejuvenating an old tattoo, or maintains the brightness and vividness of a new design.

Excitement surrounding the product was nothing either of them had imagined. A dream became reality and they knew that the community needed more. The need for specific tattoo care is apparent and Mad Rabbit is ready to help fill it.


Without this community, we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for the continued support. - Oli & Selom

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